Bodhisattva Vows

Does anybody know about on how to take Bodhisattva Vow and its rituals?
In Theravada Buddhism, it is common that people will take five or eight precepts, in front of buddhist monks. Is it similar to Theravadin ritual?


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Berzin Archives

In the handouts for Unit 5, the Berzin commentary on the bodhisattva vows is referenced.
Here are links to the pages in the Berzin archives for the vows and commentarty

root bodhisattva vows
secondary bodhisattva vows


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References in the Lam Rim Chen Mo


These two references may help you understand the rituals within the Tibetan School of Buddhism:

Volume 1, Chapter 11 outlines "Going for Refuge"
Volume 2, Chapter 5 outlines "Ritual for Adopting the Spirit of Enlightenment"f

Both chapters and both rituals are similar to what you will find in other Buddhist schools, such as conducting the ritual before a monk (or group of monks), making offerings, and taking the vows for the benefit of all sentient beings.