Stages of Liberation

Hi again, I am very encouraged by the discussion here. Its refreshing that the forum is getting lively.

I would like to get your idea on the stages of Liberation. Following to the earlier discussion of Arhat -> Buddhahood.

The first concept is Sravaka path of Liberation leading to Arhat. (T29:119).
The second concept is the Bodhisatva path of Liberation leading to Buddhahood (T8:199a / T8:91b / T8:259c)

In the first concept, the Sravaka path is summarise as follows;

1. Three degrees of wisdom
2. Four good roots
3. sotapanna (effort) - satyadarsanamarga
4. sotapanna (achieved) - bhavanamarga
5. sakrdagamin (effort) - bhavanamarga
6. sakrdagamin (achieved) - bhavanamarga
7. anagamin (effort) - bhavanamarga
8. anagamin (achieved) - bhavanamarga
9. arhat (effort) - bhavanamarga
10. arhat (achieved) - asaiksamarga

However, in the in the Mahayana's 10 stages to Buddhahood, the Arhat (sravaka) is listed as seventh stage, before pratyekabuddha, bodhisatva, Buddha.

Is there any correlation between the Theravada stages before achieving Arhat and the first 6 stage of the Mahayana path to Buddhahood.

Apologise about the academic flavour of this question.