Becoming Buddha

I would like to test out this Hypothesis.

Co-dependent arising is the Dhamma. There is no Self. I can say I am a Buddha.

What we do in this lifetime, one of the many actions, may cause a result in the future, where it can propagate into another "being" going into the path of Buddhahood. As such, it is as if we, ourself achieves buddhahood. It means, for every Buddha/Bodhisattva, it represent limitless being achieving such as state, not the result on one being's action.

Hence, anyone reading this post, and myself, through codependent arising, will be a Buddha.

Any thought on this comment?


Becoming Buddha

Dear All,

The realization of everyone can be a Buddha has a lot of implications.
Because of the Buddha nature in every one of us, it reminds us to respect and accept everyone. We always help each other in order to liberate ourselves and others. This attitude can be extended to other sentient beings.
The great compassion over comes all the causes and conditions.
Practice the compassion gradually and eventually helping us to go beyond self and non-self.

with metta,

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will be?

You are a buddha only when you see you are.
To say so is very different from seeing or experiencing so.

Sure, we will be buddhas. The question is…
Do we just want to wait?
Wait to get the courage to do the work?
Wait to get the patience required to obtain the fruits?
Wait to get inspired by someone else?
Or since we were already lucky to meet the Dharma, do we take responsibility now for how we respond right now to the challenge ahead of us? Since we are here, do we want to waste our lives, or do something?

We will be buddhas, but do we want to wait an innumerable number of lives filled by suffering, condemning ourself to meaningless suffering virtually forever? Basically, do we just pick samsara? There's nothing inherently wrong with suffering (after all, the very search of a path to cessation of suffering is dependently arisen from suffering!) but there is nothing inherently positive either.
Or do we choose an innumerable number of lives in the service of innumerable others, out of compassion? Do we act as buddhas now, and pick nirvana now? Having buddha-nature is not the same as being buddhas: buddhas are those who see their buddha-nature.

will be?

Dear all,

Even the journey for most of us as a Buddha is far, however starting cultivation immediately is better than later, not to wait and not to waste the time anymore.

It is better to start cultivation now so that sentient beings could out of samsara soon.

With metta,
gaik yen

will be?

Hi Wong LC

I did question it to myself? however year and days passed, I not dare to think again, is seen so far for me to reach,....

Co-dependent arising is the Dhamma.

What you think (mind) and see, will be who you are.

"Enjoy" the sufferring in this samsara world, will help us to understand indeep the Dhamma and what's the Buddha is. When we know one of the core teaching of Buddha on Four Noble Truth and Interdependent Co-arising, The suffering "exist" with meaningfull and end up with meaningless (empty, nothing to be suffer). May be view at vise versa.
Buddha is seem far from me, I have never end "suffering", it seems near to me when I realise the suffering is nothing.

Cultivation is carry on now and there, but it's in a straight line & right direction? will it be arrive to the Buddhahood? It depends on "the Buddha" in your mind.

May all free from suffering in this very life.

will be?

Dear All,

Bodhisattva path is the way to become Buddha.
But, how does the Bodhisattva perform the practice?

According to The Diamond Sūtra,

“The real practice of the Mahayana is to liberate all living beings without exception. But in reality no living being whatsoever is ever liberated.”
Bodhisattva practice is to liberate all the living beings, but at the same time he knows that no living being what so ever is ever liberated. The reason is no living being is really exists.

The point is if we can realize that the living being is nothing substantial, it has no own self.
It is just a collection of 5 aggregates.
Anything to do with collections is dependence upon multiple causes and conditions, which the Dharma called Interdependent Co-arising.

If we cannot see or realize this Dharma, all things are interdependent, we take them as reality or substantial, we experience samsara.

If we can see or realize this Dharma, all things are interdependent, we perceive them is insubstantial, we can let go our attachment and clinging. Then this is nirvana at present.

wiht metta,