Taixu reformative of Chinese Humanistic Buddhism is Early Buddhism

Taixu reformation of Chinese Buddhism emphasized in social and political engagement of Buddhists in the society instead of focus on the dead and ghost. This was the radical efforts that influenced the future of Chinese Buddhism to shift the focus to humanistic aspects like welfare, social volunteers, environmental protection and medical services instead of being misundertand as funeral related functions.

The reformative to Humanistic Buddhism is not a new movement, but a restoration of the Buddha's teachings to its original purposes, or Early Buddhism where Sakyamuni Buddha was actively engaged with the society and politics where he advise the kings and royalties related to the good governance for the welfare and prevention of war. These engagement was very different as the spiritual portions were incorporated. The mental is cultivated with compassion, wisdom, unconditional love and self-less as the root of the suffering are the noxious trio; greed, aversion and delusion. The delusion of ego or self is the strongest factor leads to suffering. Generosity path minimize the delusion of self as the services is with unconditional love and selfless. Thus egoless is cultivated and suffering due to self delusion is replaced with compassion and sympathetic joy.

Taixu ideas influenced the later development of Humanistic Buddhism in the Chinese society. Fo Guang Shan established by Hsin Yun advocates Humanistic Buddhism. Master Chen Yen of Tzu Chi Organisation emphasized on the first paramita of the Boddhisatva path, generosity where the volunteer organisations provide relief and medical, and social services to the disaster area thought out the world.

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Chinese Humanistic Buddhism Influence

Master Taixu ideas of Humanistic Buddhism bring great significant influence to Chinese society, I personally benefited from it as a Malaysian Chinese. Fo Guang Shan, Tzu-Chi and Dharma Drum Mountain are very well established in Malaysia and propagate Chinese Buddhism in Malaysia. These organizations introduce and teach Buddhist thought that is practical and connecting to the modern society.