Zen Meditation

It is very interesting to study Japanese Buddhism. Among the subject in Japanese Buddhism, Zen Buddhism is a form of Mahāyāna Buddhism found in China, Korea and Japan. It lays special emphasis on meditation, and direct discovery of the Buddha-nature. Zen emphasizes rigorous meditation-practice, self-control and insight into the nature of things. By practicing Zen meditation, it will eradicate ten defilements. The two main sects of Zen Buddhism are Rinzai and Soto. Whatever differences there are between the practitioners of the two schools in regard to the linguistic articulation of their meditational experience, they arise from an individual practitioner’s personality, disposition and intellectual capacity.The essence of Zen Buddhism is summed up as follows:
“Look into the mind and you will find Buddhahood.”
The meditation practice of Zen is the heart of Zen. Therefore, the basic teaching of Zen Buddhism is the way to attain Enlightenment.