rebirth and reincarnation

Anyone out there who could help differentiate rebirth and reincarnation?


Rebirth does not involve the concept of ‘soul’. Rebirth does not mean continuation of one self. Only the consciousness travels into the next living state. There is no guarantee of the next birth place, condition, form and etc. Karma has influence in this case. Upon rebirth, one mostly has no memory of the previous lives.
Reincarnation is concerning one having a ‘soul’. This ‘soul’ is a permanent entity and this ‘soul’ is able to transfer from one vessel to another. The ‘soul’ is free to get out and into the next available body. Buddhism taught us about anicca (impermanence). Since there is no permanent entity, there is no ‘soul’.

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Hi Dhamma friemds,

Can you access these links recommended by Prof. G A Somaratena?

Daya Sirisena on the Buddhist concept of Rebirth:
Karma and Rebirth in Theravāda Buddhism by Brian Ruhe:



you die and wake up tomorrow in the body of Marlon Brando: the "brain transplant" hypothesis.
Rebirth: the flame and the candle analogy in Buddhism.
You light a candle with another candle:
is the flame the same?
the wax?
the wick?
yet the second candle kind of arises out of the first, right?