Skillful Means

The Mahayana tradition originated in India before Buddhism was introduced to China. Hence, somehow, skillful mean doctrine may be taught in China at the time. We also studied the historical and cultural complex of ancient China when Buddhism came in. There were many related factors that influenced and being influenced by Buddhism. Can the event of Buddhists and the Taoists joined forces be considered as skillful mean?

Skillful means is a double edge sword

The Gotama Buddha employed approaches in his teaching that suit or conducive to different individuals. For example, he asked Kisa Gotami to find mustard seeds from a family where no one had died, demonstrated supernatural power by walking slowly though Anggulimala chased after him from behind and then replied Anggulimala that he had already stopped, preached fire sermon to the three Kasappa brothers who were obsessed with fire sacrifice. These are seen as skillful means. The skillful means in Mahayana teaching, however, employs skillful means to another level which may be a double edge sword. The disappearance of Buddhism in India may be partly attributed to its syncretism with Brahmanism that eventually Buddha became one of the Avatar and emplaced as one of the god in Hinduism pantheon. The suggestion of Buddhism and Daoism join force will only degrade the profound teaching that the Gotama Buddha passed it down to us and shorten the Buddha Sasana.