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The MA degree program in Buddhist Studies is fully certified by International Buddhist College (IBC) and accredited by the Education Ministry of Thailand. The curriculum listed in eLearning MA degree is adopted from the same topics conducted in the classrooms of IBC. The lecture notes used in eLearning are developed by the teaching assistants based on the class lectures. They comprehensively cover the relevant subjects, and are equivalent to quality classroom lectures.

Open for Registration

New intake of students for the coming semester which will commence on August 01st is now open for registration. For early registration, which is one month prior to the start of each semester, the administrative fee of USD200 (RM200 or THB2,000 for ASEAN students) will be waived.

1. Implementation of the Semester System

As the MA course is designed to be completed in three years period, the semester system is implemented to ensure that the subject papers are duly completed each semester. There will be two semesters per year and two courses will be covered each semester. The first semester begins in July-August of each year and the second semester begins in December. Students can enrol in either semester. The semester timing is exactly the same as the operating semesters of IBC.

2. Examinations and Assignments

The students are required to complete one assignment (essay) for every course. The online Viva will be conducted for the assignment upon the discretion of a particular teaching assistant for the course. Towards the end of each semester there will be a final written examination of essay type. The assignments are submitted to the teaching assistants by e-mail, and the written examinations are conducted online.

3. Thesis, Independent Study Report, and Comprehensive Examination

After completing the two years of the program (8 courses, 24 credits), the students can choose to follow either of the two Study Program Options:

-Option 1: 3 more courses and an Independent Study Report (not less than 5,000 words), with the Independent Study Report to be taken together with 1 course in the last semester;
-Option 2: Thesis of not less than 25,000 words (eligible only to those who obtained a GPA of 3.5 or higher), with the time frame of the Thesis of one semester.

In both options the student is required to sit for an invigilated Comprehensive Examination to conclude the MA Program. The comprehensive examination can be conducted at a designated examination center nearest to the student, such as International Buddhist College campuses in Thailand, Than Hsiang temple in Malaysia, or any authorized Buddhist organization in one's country.

4. Study Plan

The students take two courses per semester in accordance with the following Study Plan:

Semester 1, Academic Year 1:
ME6101 Theravāda Buddhism
ME6102 Mahāyāna Buddhism

Semester 2, Academic Year 1:
ME6103 History of Indian Buddhism
ME6217 Lam Rim Chen Mo: The Path to Enlightenment in the Tibetan Tradition

Semester 1, Academic Year 2:
ME6208 Buddhism and Society
ME6205 Survey of the Doctrines of the Abhidharma Schools

Semester 2, Academic Year 2:
ME6210 Buddha's Teaching on Psychology
ME6206 Bodhisattva Ideal

Semester 1, Academic Year 3:
ME6215 Chinese Buddhist Thought
ME6220 Theravāda Abhidharma

Semester 2, Academic Year 3:
ME6223 Buddhism In Japan
ME6321 Independent Study Report

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