eLearning Certificate Program

We recommend you to apply to the eLearning MA in Buddhist Studies Program. However, if you are not interested in obtaining the MA degree or just wish to learn the basic Buddhist doctrines, you are welcome to the Certificate Program.


The eLearning Certificate in Buddhist Studies program consists of three 3-credit courses (total of 9 credits). The eLearning program is flexible in terms of duration. Students can do the program on a course by course basis if they choose to.

BP201 Early Buddhism: Basic Doctrines 3(3-0-6)
BP205 Mahāyāna Buddhism: Basic Doctrines 3(3-0-6)
BP319- Social Philosophy of Buddhism 3(3-0-6)

There will be an instructor for each certificate course to offer assistance and supervision.


Once the applicant registers online, the student gets an access to the web based materials at his/her convenience. The student will be followed up by the instructor by email.

In general, the course is designed as a weekly based: one unit per week; one unit requires at least three hours of study (one course requires 45 hours of study). The whole program should be completed in one year.


Students will be assessed via the online examination for each course. Candidates who obtain the required standard will be awarded the Certificate in Buddhist Studies.

For further questions please contact us by e-mail: elearning@thanhsiang.org