ME6322: Thesis

ME6322 Thesis (12 credits)

Teaching Assistant:

The Thesis is a research paper of not less than 25,000 words approved and supervised. The students whose GPA is 3.5 or above are qualified to compile the Thesis and thus follow Option 1 of the Study Plan.

Before you start working on your Thesis, you need to fill in the MA Thesis Registration Form. The Form is to be submitted to IBC during the first month of the semester in which the Thesis will be compiled. Please see the MS Word Doc file attached below.

Upon the completion of the Thesis there is a Viva via Skype. Just as in the case of Option 2 of the Study Program, the Comprehensive Examination concludes the program.

Please refer to the Style and Format Guide and Reference Books:

Guidelines for typing Pali and Sanskrit: