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Nowadays, most parents are working & have to rely on babysitters to take care of the children. The children may become less attached to their parents.

How does this lower parent-child attachment influence the emotion regulation as well as the personality development of the children?

Harlow's study on monkeys' on Secure Attachment

More sharing on attachment theory. A study on monkey to prove that attachment is important to every life in the world.

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Re: Attachment

Dear sis,
Just a personal sharing but i am not sure if i fully understand your questions.
i) Regarding the attachment of child to the parents.
I used to worry much when i first need to return back to work and leave the little friend with grandparents and aunts. However, to my suprise, he actually "attach" to me more than to the grandma who spent more time with him as the primary caregiver while i am away at work. I would believe that it is more of the quality time that we spend with them and someone told me that bringing the child home everyday makes another different (no matter how tire at work, i would insist of bring him back since he was small. Unless i am throughly left for no choice that we are coming for the monthly 8 precepts cultivation that have to leave home very early the next day morning(to advoid interrupting his sweet dreams). Another thing is also the mindfulness concept that Ven Thich Nhat Hanh emphasizing on : The quality moment of accompanying your love with full concentration and heart which the other party could really sense and appreciate it.

ii) Re: Personality development
I used to thought that the best caregiver for a child is the mother and no one else. As the mother would be the one knowing what is the best for the child and able to "mould" it into the ideal state of she expects for :). I was then become a bit stress when i would have to leave him with environment that is "out of my personal control". Then, i realize, yes, parents and caregivers/teachers play an important role to "structure" a positive personality baseline for the individual, however, there is also some level of "nature" that will come into place naturally. My take as of now is as parents, i try the best to set the foundation and create much "san yuan" /conditions as possible, while later of the "zhao4 hua4" would be up to his own wisdom and "karma" then. :-P


Dear Sis Wai Cheng,

Much appreciated all your sharing.
No matter how busy we are in our our work, child development is always a priority from my point of view. So continue the quality time you have with your love one.

WIth regards,
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