Parinirvana page 160 in Narada textbook

In page 160 of Narada´s book The buddha and his teachings he quotes the enlightened words and assumes we know what he is talking about and is not clear what he means by:
1. Four kinds of right endeavour
2. Four means of accomplishment
3. Five faculties
4. Five powers
5. Seven factors of enlightenment.
Any input on this five topics is highly appreciated. Kind regards.

The 37 things pertaining to enlightenment

The 37 'things pertaining to enlightenment' (bodhipakkhiya dhammā), or 'requisites of enlightenment' comprise the entire doctrines of the Buddha. They are:
the 4 foundations of mindfulness (satipatthāna, q.v.),
the 4 right efforts (s. padhāna),
the 4 roads to power (iddhi-pāda, q.v.),
the 5 spiritual faculties (indriya; s. bala),
the 5 spiritual powers (bala, q.v.),
the 7 factors of enlightenment (bojjhanga, q.v.),
the Noble 8-fold Path (s. magga).

See The Requisites of Enlightenment, by Ledi Sayadaw (WHEEL 169/172).

37 things

I've learnt these 37 things very well in Myanmar language.
Now ,I'll try to learn in English.
With Metta.

Thank you

Excellent reference thank you for the answer.
I am entertaining the idea of writing about Nibbana as the source and goal of buddhist ethics. I will give it a try and send you a preliminary paper.
Kind regards