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In e-learning materials at the end of all quotations from Sutta I can find annotations describing source like for example : ( SN IV, 98 ). What is the full name of this shortcut (SN IV, 98) for example.


Samyutta Nikaya

SN Stands for Samyutta Nikaya or the Collected Discourses of the Buddha IV stands for the number of book or great chapter and the number you will see it it is like bible quotations.

Finding Suttas

I also had difficulty in finding an English translation of suttas mentioned by other authors. I have found volumes of The Pali Text Society translations by Hare and Woodward useful. However, it was confusing at first. For a specific example: I was looking for AN III: 67-68. In this PTS edition, the Anguttara Nikaya is printed in 5 volumes. I found AN III: 67-68 in Volume III, chapter 5, page 56. The "true" title of III 67 is written on the very top of the page in brackets in the upper right hand corner. THIS notation is what one needs to look for to find the referenced sutta. Other English translations use a different code and these are also referenced in this edition. I find this edition the easiest to follow.

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Finding the Suttas

This site is very, very good!

This page on the same site also give information about each of the "baskets" of suttas:



stress or suffering

It is really good source, but I wonder why instead of ''suffering'' we have word ''stress'' in Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta:
''Birth is stressful'' ect


Finding the Suttas

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Very informative on the web for Tipitaka. Thank you for sharing.

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