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Dear all participants,
Welcome to forum site of 'Trends and Issues in Early Childhood Education (ECE)'. We hope you can make full use of this forum site to exchange ideas and share resources.

The following are some suggested sites with links to various resources related to the course or as enriched knowledge:

(project ideas)
http://forum.maays.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=388 (paradigm shift and importance of ICT)
http://forum.maays.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=345 (Open Educational Resources)
(Innovation, technology hub)
(Sustainable Development in ECE)

We look forward to your active participation.

Thank you.

Thank you

Thank you every one especially to Dr Ng, Sis Gaik Yen, Mdm Tan and Sis Yek Ming.

Frankly speaking, after the briefing, my mind is still full of mist.....Though I always wanted to take up this course due to my passion towards educating the young, but I keep on asking myself: AM I MAKING THE RIGHT MOVE? I am scare if history repeat itself, whereby I failed in my exam just as the last one. It is really very very tough to blend work with studies especially nowadays with age catching up, nothing goes inside my brain no matter how hard I try to memorise my notes..... Buddha, please help me and give me the strength to carry on...

I was so impressed by the way all of you able to link up so many issues to the topic discussed and already have some ideas of what essay to write. As for myself..... I am totally lost. Will I be submitting a blank essay??.. Only Buddha knows..

Thank you

Thank you very much to Dr. Kim and Dr. Ng for your valuable time spend in starting this ECE paper to all of us. Your help and guidance is very much appreciated.

Dear Sis Hui Zhen,
Don't worry much on the exam. Fully understood all of us are working and lack of time. We just try our best.

With regards,
gaik yen

Dear Huizhen and all, Thanks

Dear Huizhen and all,
Thanks for your participation in e-forum. Don't worry, we will try to help you to pass your assignments and exams.
You need to work in teams with your coursemates to keep updated with all the course activities and the requirements for the assessment. We wish you all good luck!

Gan en

Dear Dr Ng,Sis Gaik Yen and all,

I am so touch with all the positive encouragement from all of you. Thanks a lot and gan en. Will surely try my very best to challenge myself with "back to study life".

Gan en once again...amtf,

Thank you.

Thank you.

Terima kasih

Dear Dr. Ng,
Thank you for your precious time to be us this afternoon. I hope this paper will be as scheduled. As not to pressure on myself with the exam, and having high score, I take it to upgrade my knowledge and that learning is a life-long process. Though having a good grade make me happier, I don't put it in priority to tense myself up.In this way I fell more relax and enjoy learning.
Thanks again and may all be well and happy!

Dear Kim Nai and all, Thanks

Dear Kim Nai and all,
Thanks for your attendance and participation by all. I am very impressed by the spirit of some of you, having to work and study part-time. Some of you also sign up just to enrich yourself. Keep up with the spirit and let us strive hard to encourage one another to complete the course.


Thanks to Dr Km and Dr Ng for the time in starting the briefing of ECE paper to all of us on Dec 2011. Much appreciated of the quality time with us.

I feel glad to day that i can write on forum by sing sis Yek Ming accout...thanks her so much for helping me.

Before that my mind is blank and do not know what i going to do for my assignment and the test..

After the tutorial, now feel more confident to go for it.

Good luck to all. Thanks

Yeap Lay Har