Education For All (EFA)

Dear friends,

It was an interesting tutorial provided by Dr. Kim yesterday. Much appreciated Dr. Ng for the class arrangement and Dr. Kim for the valuable time spend in teaching us.

I like the concept of Education For All.

I just visited the India end of last year. Most of the beggar are children. This indicate that the important of education for children in India.

Currently we have Buddhist Kindy in Thailand.
It will be nice if the Than Hsiang or any Buddhist child education able to reach out to other countries like Burma, Vietnam, India, China and other country in Asia.
What do you think?

Appreciate your feedback.

Your sister in the dharma,
gaik yen


Dear sis Gaik Yen,

You really is a true Pusa.

I like your idea but to reach out to the outside world, we need to do a lot of studies on the other countries such as their cultures, living habits,religion etc. Before introducing education to them, I think the educators have to learn and get to know the surrounding, living habits and cultures of the communities there.

A lot of hard work need to be done to educate the people/adults on the important of education for children. A suitable education programme need to be established.

I believe this is not going to be just a dream, only.


Education For All (EFA)

Dear Sis,
Thanks for response.
If I am not mistaken, Shifu will be going to Sri Langka in April. That is for benchmarking somebody which is related Kindy over there. Mrs Balan or Sis Yek Ming could help to correct me if I am wrong.

With metta,
gaik yen


Dear Sis. GY,

I am not going to talk much about the Sri Lanka trip here.
But I can say, this is one of the opportunity to learn from others about teachers' training centre.

Yek Ming