looking for deeper teachings and practice

I became very interested in the figure of Huineng and Chan buddhism. WOnder if there is any center you could recommend for practice or teachings in Mexico or the United States.
Thank YOu

Chan in USA and Mexico

Dear Mariano

The Sixth Patrirach school Chan Dajian Huineng ( 638 - 713 ) is really inspiring for over a thousand years and He is my favorite teacher, I have to admit.
I highly recommend Chan presented by Dharma Drum despite the fact that the founder of Master Sheng Yen died a few years ago. There are a few lay teachers and two monks. As regards the method a whole range of vippasana them until koans and mo-chao is proposed.
Apparently, there is Gilbert Gutierrez who is good Teacher but never practiced with him but certainly speaks Spanish.

Dharma drum in spanish

All the Best