I have been reading Dr. Guang Xing's very comprehensive notes and have almost overlooked another set of reference: the notes of Prof. Oliver. These two weeks, I started to read Prof. Oliver's notes and found many interesting information which I never know. For instance, I learned what is the "right livelihood" (sammā-ājīva) (see

In many books we read, sammā-ājīva meant not to trade human beings, weapons, meat, poison, and intoxicating drinks. However, Prof. Oliver argued that this was not the meaning of sammā-ājīva. He claimed that it should mean making a living without scheming, prattling, hinting, belittling, and profit pursuing, regardless of the form of trade. Most importantly, he argued that this was not for ordinary person, but ariya-sāvaka only. He further argued that many of these noble paths are not for ordinary persons, including meditation.

We may disagree with his arguments, especially after the influence of Mahayana school. These arguments are nevertheless eye-opening and worth reflecting.

Best Regards,
Paul Sin