Due Date for Essay Submission


May I know when is the due date for the 2000 words essay submission? And when would the online examination be scheduled? Would there be a Viva voce presentation required for this module too?

Sorry for the trouble.


E4 - ME6210 Buddhist Psychotherapy exam

There was a reminder for every subject and every sem so far, same was case with ME6205 but not with E4 - ME6210 Buddhist Psychotherapy. ME 6205 also sent the link for trial exam and exam too. It will be really appreciated if same would be the case with E4 - ME6210 Buddhist Psychotherapy. If possible I would like to have words with instructor...Thank you!
With Humble REGARDS!!


on OCT 22 I received an email from the course tutor with reminders, and link to an online mock test (IBC changed the interface of the online test system).
If you haven't gotten it, then some problem may exist regarding email communication (for example the message ended in the spam folder).
For what is worth.

contact the administrator

You may wish to contact the administrator:

Buddhist Psychotherapy

The dateline for submission of Buddhist Psychotherapy assignment is 26 October 2014. The online exam is from 27 October till 8 November. Appreciate your timely submission. Currently no viva voce.
With metta,

IBC ADMINS: how many questions on the online exam?

I suppose the rules haven't changed regarding the online exam (dates given above).
Namely, one is supposed to answer ONLY FOUR QUESTIONS.
No extra credit is given for questions answered in addition to the required four.
Is that so?
Kindly confirm.

Online exams

The dates are correct.
There will be 8 questions in every exam, out of which 4 are to be answered. There is no extra credit for answering additional questions.
Thank you.

where's the online exam page?

Can you please tell where the page to take the online exam is?
The date draws near.
How/When do we go about it?

Online exam

Dear Sergio,

The direct link to the online exam will be provided by your respective Teaching Assistant on the first day of the examinations period, which is October 27 – November 08, 2014.

Please kindly contact your Teaching Assistant by e-mail for all the questions pertaining to the examination itself.

Kind regards,