E-Learning MA Program and Certificate Program

The assessment link doesn't work

I'm finding the assessment link is broken. Is anyone else finding this to be true?

The link address for

The link address for http://ibc.ac.th/exam is OK. The password and user name are different from the one you used here. The administrator will inform you the user name and password. Students will allow to take one time exam only for each subject. The duration is two hours for entrance exam.

Inquiry on E-Learning MA

This is indeed a very wholesome endeavor for many people! Just a couple of points would you kindly let me know more:

1. what's the difference of requirement versus the Distance Certificate Program? For example, on Social Philosophy, the Certificate course actually uses the same teaching materials as the full time MA. Indeed, I notice that most of the Certificate students actually have undergraduate qualifications and hence should qualify for this MA program?

2. What additional support will a distance MA student get compared to that of the Certificate program?

3. Would a Certificate program student be encouraged to enrol and would their credits be counted towards the MA program too?

Thankns. Metta.

Personally, I think the

Personally, I think the subjects on Social Philosophy and Mahayana Buddhism can be transfered for those students who have passed the exams with A. However, the MA courses will have additional requirements such as students must take the final exam at an authorized venue. IBC Academic Committee and IBC External Examination Board will review the exam papers. In this case, the Students may need to take the exam again. We need to discuss this matter with IBC Academic Committee.