Origin of Abhidhamma

The topic of Origin of Abhidhamma is controversial issue which creates barrier in Practice of meditator. Whereas Abhidhamma is nothing but practical instructions of Vipassana, to see the reality as it is. All the contents can be found in Suttan Pitaka. Meditator should set aside the doubt and take advantages of these great texts to proceed in practice.
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With Metta!
Anand L.

Practice with speculation or not

The practice of meditation as prescribed in early Buddhism, can be done with or without philosophical speculations. Whether Abhidhamma is words of the Buddha or not has nothing to do with the practice because, the goal of analytical meditation is to break the concept of solid gross entities which is a superimposition of the mind.

The function of Abhidhamma is like a map to help classify phenomena after analyzing them. A map is useful but not always necessary. If you don't know the name of villages in the road but know how to go to a certain place it is not important. The goal is arriving at a certain place.

However, the Abhidhamma is undoubtedly a kind very powerful and smart system of analysis which indicates the depth of the philosophical insight of its authors.