E-MA Students

Friends on the path,

I'm curious how many other E-MA students are currently enrolled, where you're all from and what brought you here.

I'll start.

This is my first year, I live in Dallas and have hopes of one day either teaching or leading meditation classes/giving talks at a local Dharma Center.

Graduated this year

I am from Melaka, Malaysia. I just finished my three years of eLearning and graduated in this year graduation.

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Kudos for seeing this through!

What are your plans for utilizing your degree?

to end the cycle of birth, death and rebirth

I am from Italy.
I am a lifelong learning enthusiast who studies many different subjects that include:
Buddhism, Hinduism, comparative mythology, applied psychology (behavioral economics, positive psychology, NLP ).
My goal is hopefully to end the noxious cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Tibetan Buddhist master Chogye Trichen Rinpoche wrote:
For those who study with proper intentions, anything they may learn will serve to dispel the darkness of ignorance and confusion they may be experiencing in their own lives. Anything such people may study will further serve to humble and ennoble them, increasing their clarity and brilliance, their knowledge and wisdom. Genuine study is the basis for attaining enlightenment, a cause for oneself to finally attain the state of dharmakaya.


E-MA Students

Dear e-learning Friends,

I stay in Penang Malaysia, near to Than Hsiang Temple.
MA elearning is a good source to learn the dharma.

Wish all enjoy the study :)

With Metta,
Gaik Yen