The term "icchantikas" is introduced in the handouts for Lesson 6 (p 3), but I do not see a definition.

Here is a brief paraphrasing of the definition provided in the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia online.

One who has no interest in the path to Awakening, or one whose good roots are completely covered; those given over to total hedonism and greed; those persons who do not believe in the Buddha, his eternal Selfhood and his Dharma (Truth) or in Karma; those who seriously transgress against the Buddhist moral codes and Vinaya; and [those] who speak disparagingly and dismissively of the reality of the immortal Buddha-nature

While the encyclopedia does not clearly state this and I've not previously encountered this term, it appears that it's related to the Sanskrit atyantika - defined here as "sentient beings [who] lack the characteristics of nirvana and would never attain nirvana."

Any other thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

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Kenneth Ch'en

Ch'en, in Buddhism in China, defines icchantikas as "those whose primary interest was in in the gratification of their desires." (p 115)

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The expanation given by Wikipedia ( english version ) about Icchantika is quite satisfactory as well