Guidelines for MA Thesis

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1. MA Thesis Style Guide PDF
2. MA Thesis Sample PDF

Guidelines for Thesis

1. Use one font for your whole essay
Gandhari Unicode, New Time Roman (Windows) and DejaVu Serif (Linux) are recommended.

2. For the Text Body, use "Double Space", font size 12 point or 11 point (if laser printer used).

3. You can use single space for "quotation paragraph and footnotes."

4. For the Headings, one can use bold, and bigger font size can be used (16, 14).

5. It is recommended to use style format (Do not format manually), such as Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Body Text, Quote, Title.

Heading 1 (font size 16)
Heading 2 (font size 14, Bold)
Heading 3 (font size 14)
Heading 4 (font size 12, Bold)
Body Text (font size 12)

6. Page size is A4, all margins (top, down, left and right) should be set as 1 inche. Left margin can be 1.5 for the purpose of binding.

7. For Romanized Pali and Sanskrit letters, the following Unicode fonts are recommended.

New Time Roman (version 5, from Windows Vista supports all Pali Diacritic Letters) is recommended for MS Windows
Gandhari Unicode (Download attached zip file below)

For Linux, the following fonts are recommended. They support all romanized Pali and Sanskrit diacritic letters.
*DejaVu Serif
*Bitstream Vera Serif

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