Chapter 7 (p 121) references Uttarakuru

Here are a couple of useful links on this mythical country and its people.

Palikanon.com references the "detailed description of it... in the ātānātiya Sutta. (D.iii.199ff; here Uttarakuru is spoken of as a city, pura; see also Uttarakuru in Hopkins: Epic Mythology, especially p.186)

Here the men are described as surpassing the gods of Tāvatimsa in the following four ways:

  1. they have no greed (amamā) (the people of Uttarakuru are acchandikā, VibhA.461),
  2. no private property (apariggahā),
  3. they have a definite term of life (niyatāyukā) (one thousand years, after which they are born in heaven, says Buddhaghosa, AA.ii.806)
  4. and they possess great elegance (visesabhuno).

They are, however, inferior to the men of Jambudīpa in courage, mindfulness and in the religious life (A.iv.396; Kvu.99).

Additional points, also with references to the canon are provided on this page.

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Wikipedia presents some additional information on this topic, including a laundry list of possible geographic locations for Uttarakuru country.

The following quotation is provided without documentation: "Uttarakuru probably comprised north-west of Sinkiang province of China and parts of the Tian-Shan."

There are, however, a number of references and sources listed below the article that may be useful for one who would like to pursue this subject further.