Lecture 9: Dhammacariyā and Samacariyā (part2)

According to the Sigālovāda Sutta (DN), the consumption of liquor is one of the six ways of wasting what you have earned. It is called apāyamukha (mouth of purgatory).
(1) The wealth is wasted in front of your own eyes.
(2) It generates various diseases.
(3) The social conflicts emerge according to the consumption of liquor.
(4) It is bad for the reputation of the person.
(5) It makes man undisciplined, unethical, and uncivilized. When the man is drunk, he utters unwholesome words and shows the hidden part of his body.
(6) The consumption of liquor weakens the wisdom because it kills the brain cells. The drunken man becomes a fool little by little.