The nature of Buddha's answer

In the Chapter 3 page 6, there is a topic about the nature of the question and answer from Buddha. It is said that Buddha gave an answer according to the manner the question arises. At this point, I would like to rise a question between dogmatism and dialectic. We have to notice that the Buddha didn't give an answer by yes or no. It seems to me that in fact he discovered the dialectic. Actually, if he gave an answer by yes or no it would have been labeled as dogmatism. In addition, Buddha didn't agreed with the dogmatism of others, so if he gave an answer by yes or no, he would have been felt probably guilty. For instance, in the opening dialogue of the Digha Nikaya there is the point of view of Buddha and he said that all speculations are dogmatism.So, I think that he couldn't give any other answer except critic of experience which is dialectic instead of yes or no which is dogmatism.