ROBERT WRIGHT: Buddhism is true (evolutionary psychologist proves it)

ROBERT WRIGHT: Buddhism is true

Robert Wright is one of the nation’s foremost public intellectuals and an expert on evolutionary psychology. He is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of several accessible bestselling books on science, history, and religion. Wright shows how evolution shaped the human brain and often deludes us, about ourselves and the world. If our minds are rigged for anxiety, depression, anger, and greed, what do we do? Buddhist meditation shows specific and practical steps we can take to see things as they really are. By seeing the world more clearly, meditation can make us better, happier people. Get the book the talk is based upon here:


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Thanks for sharing this and the book is a worthwhile read.
Among the most interesting areas of discussion is the comparison between the doctrine of not-self/the five aggregates and the "modular theory of the mind."
There's also some helpful discussion of evolutionary psychology and craving. This includes why some of the craving we experience for sensory pleasure exists, how it developed, how it works, and how changes in our environments/lives today cause it to lead to unskillful or unhealthy behavior.

There is a free course on that runs monthly called Buddhism and Modern Psychology. Wright was working on his book as he was initially delivering this course, so much of the material is similar.
Joining the course will also give you access to the discussion forums to ask/answer questions.

New session started today. Next session starts 12/25.

COURSERA videos Robert Wright Buddhism and modern psychology

For those who are unable to join the online course, the videos for BUDDHISM AND MODERN PSYCHOLOGY by ROBERT WRIGHT are here: