Review for the Final Examination

We have completed the eight topics; each topic will be the basis of one question. You can select four out of eight questions. The form of question will be like this: “explain the Buddhist argument on oneness of mankind.” Therefore, you must summarize each topic.

1. Buddhist critique of the social and religious institutions based on the Brahmanic theory of varnadharma and svadharma.
2. Buddhist view of the origin and evolution of the society.
3. Biological, historical and ethical arguments on the oneness of the human species.
4. Emphasis on man’s superiority as against his supremacy.
5. Ethical criteria of human ends and social ideals.
6. Individual, society and inter-personal relations.
7. Dhammacariyā and Samacariyā.
8. Buddhist observations on economy and polity.

In the topic of Dhammacariyā and Samacariyā, the five precepts are explained. You can choose one of the five precepts.