WHAT IS BUDDHISM. audiobook by Ven. MASTER CHIN KUNG of the Chinese Pure Land Buddhist tradition

audiobook in English by Ven. MASTER CHIN KUNG of the Chinese Pure Land Buddhist tradition:


Liao-Fan's Four Lessons - Audio Book, Chinese Pure Land Buddhism


Liao-Fan's Four Lessons was originally written in the Ming Dynasty of China by Mr. Liao-Fan Yuan. The book was intended to teach his son, Tien-Chi Yuan, how to recognize the true face of destiny, how to tell good from evil, and the method for correcting one's faults and practicing kind deeds. It also provided living proof of the rewards and outcomes of people who practiced kind deeds and cultivated virtue and humility. Relating from his own experience at changing destiny, Mr. Yuan himself was a living embodiment of his teachings. After hearing this wonderful book, one may feel more open and confident towards life, and at the same time, courageously compelled to follow the example of Liao-Fan in changing one's original destiny. Liao-Fan's Four Lessons is truly a rare book which is not only precious to an individual's spiritual needs, but is also capable of transforming unhealthy attitudes in today's society.

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ven. WULING, master Chin Kung's right-hand person

Here are many dharma talks IN ENGLISH by Ven. WULING of the Chinese Pure Land Tradition.
She is an U.S-born nun, a disciple and right-hand person to master Chin Kung.
She also has a weblog:http://www.abuddhistperspective.org/
I listened to all her dharma talks, entirely based upon master Chin Kung's teachings.