Buddhist Monk Practicing As Doctor

I just came to know that it is in fact prohibited under the Vinaya for a monk to be a doctor, whether traditional or western practice (see the attachment).

I knew there are many Chinese Mahayana monk who prescribing traditional medicine to the laity.
I also knew that many Tibetan temple have traditional medicine training centres and as well providing medical care to laity.

These facts are really in contrast with the article. No wonder I never see any medicine practice in the Theravadin temple.

The article said the monk is supposed to a doctor to the mind and not doctor to the body.
The article also said a monk cannot make a living on his medicine practice, I think this is clear for everybody as I know it is free of charge.

I want to ask can a monk really practice medicine free of charge. The medicine being provided by laity public or the temple or free some donors or the patient then buy his own medicine outside the temple?

For the Chinese Mahayana, the monk or the temple can accept donation to the temple fund.

For Tibetan practice, can someone familiar to share how the Tibetan monk handle this?

Tan Boon Ann