Need Help - What is meant by "In Seed Form"

Dear Anybody,

I am reading an article on "A Bodhisattva Ideal in Five Nikayas: A Fresh Perspective".
I came across a word "In Seed Form" (see attachment page 566) which I don't understand and cannot find from dictionary.

Please help.

alaya-vinnana in-group joke

I suggest that's a in-group nod to the STORE CONSCIOUSNESS doctrine (alaya vinnana): karmic inprints as "seed" that must find the "correct environment" to "mature" and "bear fruit".
More simply, I think the author just says that the Bodhisattva path (a later Mahayana doctrine) already appears (="in seed form, in the form of a seed") in Hinayana.
For example, one might say that the Mahayana concept of EMPTINESS is adumbrated (concealed, hidden) in the Hinayana PARABLE OF THE RAFT.

Godly cities cropped up all over: “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. ” (Matthew 5:14). The present writer also adds “the city of Zeus”, a concept antedating St.Augustine and Revelation and attributed to Musonius as cosmopolitan fusion of sacred and mundane as a model for life. Mahayana Buddhism, too, features the image of the shining city as teaching detour/a partial stop mid-way to Buddhahood (Mahayana); or the parable of the old city abandoned in the jungle (Hinayana).