Muaro Jambi (Sumatra)


I'm working on the articles on ancient Buddhist center located in Sumatra island of Indonesia.
During the Srivijaya empire, Muaro Jambi (located in Jambi) was the ancient center of Buddhist learning of Vajrayana tradition from 7th to 14th century. Chinese pilgrim I-Tsing visited the monastery complex during the 7th century and recorded that it was an important Buddhist learning center after Nalanda university in India.

The monastery complexes (candi in Indonesian) occupied 2.062 hectars located along the river Batanghari that can be accessed through straits of Malacca. It was an ancient metropolition port and administration center for the Srivijaya empire.

Would like to request to share if anyone found some ancient manuscript in local language. There are Javanese puja (Puja Bhakti) chanting manuscript still being preserved in Java island.