The Milinda Pañha ("Questions of Milinda")

A great, short Buddhist Theravada teaching as enjoyable as the Tibetan UDANAVARGA (a sort of GOSPEL OF THOMAS of Buddhism).

Wikipedia says:

The Milinda Pañha ("Questions of Milinda") is a Buddhist text which dates from sometime between 100 BCE and 200 CE. It purports to record a dialogue between the Buddhist sage Nāgasena, and the Indo-Greek king Menander I (Pali: Milinda) of Bactria, who reigned from Sagala (modern Sialkot, Pakistan).

The Milinda Pañha is regarded as canonical in Burmese Buddhism, included as part of the book of Khuddaka Nikaya. An abridged version is included as part of Chinese Mahayana translations of the canon. The Milinda Pañha is not regarded as canonical by Thai or Sri Lankan Buddhism, however, despite the surviving Theravāda text being in Sinhalese script.

The Milinda Pañha is also referred to as the Nāgasena-sutra.


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Milinda Panha

Wonderful, I look forward to reading this, only surprised to learn that it is so special to the Theravadins, since it comes from the area where Mahayana was created. Thanks for the upload!


p.s Map on page 17 seems skewed, pretty sure Magadha is in east India...