The End of Buddhism In India

What could have become of Buddhism today in India if it has not been wiped out by the Muslim invaders during the 12th century CE?

We all know historically that during the 12th century CE in India, Buddhism was completely annihilated by the Muslim invaders. However, I sometimes wonder what could have become of Buddhism in India today if the annihilation did not happen.

What say you?

The Decline of Buddhism

Hello, all my Dharma friends,
While I agree that the Muslim invasion has put a final complete knockout to Buddhism in India in the 12th Century, there are still many other factors which has led to the gradual decline of Buddhism even before the Muslim invasion. The following historical factors are some of them for sharing:-
1. Corruptions in the Buddhist Sangha,
2. Reforms of Hinduism,
3. Division among the Buddhists,
4. Patronage of Brahmanism,
5. Role of Hindu Preachers,
6. Lack of Royal Patronage,
7. Emergence of the Rajput.
Thank you to all for the sharing.....Sadhu !

With Metta,
Student Hiew Boon Thong