Loving Kindness Prayers in Pacifying Pandemic

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic that affected all over the world, we are facing many challenges ahead and experiencing human suffering. As a student of Buddhist path, I would like to dedicate this merits of Heart Mantra of Arya Vairochana to all those who are suffering now and wish that this calamity will end soon.

Heart Mantra of Arya Vairochana

I prostrate to the Three Sublime Ones
I prostrate to the Tathagata, foe destroyer, fully
completed Buddha Arya Vairochana, King of light,
I prostrate to the Boddhisattva, great being Akashagarbha

Tadyata/Kala Kala/Kili Kili/ Biri Biri/ Huru Huru/
Vairo-Chana Rasmi Sanchodita Agaccha/ Arya Akasha Garbha Maha Karunika
Puraya Hashana/Dharaya Buddha Vikshchayana/Chara Chara Chiri Chiri

And in my heart, I dedicate this mantra with loving kindness

May all beings be well and be happy
May all beings live in harmony and peacefully
May all who suffer due to this pandemic be well and safe
May the virus beings forgive us, that due to our karma that causing this conflict
May all the virus beings be well and happy, and find a neutral and harmless
to both the host and the virus beings
May all beings be free from suffering