Traditions of Giving in Buddhism

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Generosity in Buddhism

In Buddhism, practicing generosity is believed to help train the mind in a way conducive to attaining enlightenment. Giving serves as a way to eliminate one's greed and ill-will. By giving away what is valuable, you reduce attachment by letting them go. By using your possessions or time to benefit another, you develop altruism towards others. Giving helps to rid your mind of the defilements by conditioning the mind to let go of attachments and extinguish ill-will.
The most obvious benefit of giving is the benefit it has on others. While there are factors one can take into account to make the act of giving more pure, one thing that is universal about any act of giving is that it helps another. Whether it is building a hospital or temple, providing a meal, or just showing kindness, giving serves as a way to alleviate the suffering of others by freeing them from hunger, stress, worry, etc. The ultimate example of generosity can be seen in the Buddha himself. According to Buddhist belief, becoming a Buddha requires much more than developing oneself until one's mind is free from the fetters, it requires perfecting oneself to the highest extent.
Buddhists believe that the would-be Buddha, or bodhisattva, gave far more than what he could have possibly have gained in return over the course of countless lives. Out of his supreme generosity, he gave his fullest effort and devotion, and sacrificed far greater over the aeons than what was necessary to attain Nirvana so that he could become a fully self-enlightened Buddha and give


when Buddha approached a new audience, his first sermon would be on generosity, not on other points of doctrine.