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Hello Everyone:

I found audio lectures of professor. Dr. Charles Willemen online. It has been helpful to me in understanding this class on a survey of Abhidharma schools. Hope it will be helpful to you all. The link is below.


Abhdharma Talks by Professor Dr. Charles Willemem

An excellent series of dhamma talks on the Abhidhamma by Professor Dr. Charles Willenmem.
Thanks for sharing , Bhante.
With Metta,
Boon Thong

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thanks brother Bhante


very good link, thanks
For those who care, here is a lecture series by noted Theravada scholar Bhikkhu Bodhi on THERAVADA ABHIDHAMMA

Abhdharma Talks

Thank you very much.
The Dhamma talks on Abhidhamma given by Bhikkhu Bodhi are both very detailed and in depth.
It is great to listen to them.
Thanks again for sharing.
With Metta,
Boon Thong