Six Perfections

Dear all pu sart,
In my study of Lam Rim Chen Mo, I am very happy to realise that it is of utmost importance that a serious Buddhist practitioner, especially from the Mahayana sect, should really study and practise the six paramitas. It applies specifically to all who has undertaken the Bodhisattva precepts. One should put it into practice and even transform the six perfections into one's habit. It should serve as a basis of training to seek for enlightenment. Why ? Because the ideal aim of a Bodhisattva is help all sentient beings and become a Buddha in the future. Therefore, the practice of the six paramitas is a must. The six paramitas are called perfections because they give rise to complete enlightenment, the liberation from disturbing attitudes and emotions, and the removal of the obstructions to complete the knowledge of all phenomenas. The six paramitas is the path of the Bodhisattva.
This is my sharing of the six paramitas.
May you all practise the six paramitas for the sake all sentient beings and become Buddhas in the future.
With Metta,
Student Hiew Boon Thong