The Eight Type of Sufferings

Good Afternoon to all,
I wish to share my views on the Eight types of Sufferings as mentioned in details in the Lam Rim Chen Mo which I personally found to be very interesting, but which has always been either ignored or neglected by many people in our daily life. However, is has still to be experienced personally by everyone in the three realms without any exceptions. Unless one has gone beyond the samsara worlds ( entered nirvana), there is no way to escape from it. The Lord Buddha has repeatedly reminded us in the First Noble Truth (Suffering).

The Eight types of suffering are:
1. The Suffering of Birth,
2. The Suffering of Old Age,
3. The Suffering of Illness,
4. The Suffering of Death,
5. The Suffering of Encountering what is Unpleasant,
6. The Suffering of Suffering from what is Pleasant,
7. The Suffering of Not Getting what you Want,
8. The Suffering of the Five Appropriated Aggregates.

We should know that all of us has to go through all the eight types of sufferings in our daily life since ever we were born until we died. We cannot simply ignore it....they are inside our daily life. We can only encounter them by recognising them and knowing the causes of the sufferings by applying the doctrines or teachings of Buddhism as taught by the Buddha.

May you all be well and happy always !

With Metta,
Student Hiew Boon Thong