Role of Buddhist Centers

1. After the nirvana of Buddha, the famous universities at Nalanda, Taxila, Puspagiri, Vikramsila, and many others, as the centers of Buddhist education, has played a prominent role in the spread of Buddhism in India. Large numbers of students came from different parts of India and from outside India. The famous Chinese pilgrim Hsuen Tsang, who came from China during the Tang Dynasty, was a student of the famous Nalanda University. We can see that the higher institution of Buddhist Studies is of utmost importance in the learning and spread of Buddhism. It is one of the important factors for the rapid rise of Buddhism in India.

2. Today the International Buddhist College (IBC) has also played a very important role in the learning and spreading of Buddhist education. IBC is offering several degree levels of Buddhist education from Bachelor, Master to Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies. It is the only Buddhist College in Asia ( and most probably the world) to promote a Fully Online Learning at the Certificate, Bachelor and Master degrees in Buddhist Studies, both in the English and Chinese languages. We can really study either one of the three levels of Buddhist Studies offered at our own convenience without having to leave our work and home. Furthermore, the semester fees are at moderate cost which is not giving the prospective students any financial difficulty.

3. Now, we are in the digital age and the learning of Buddhism should be at our finger tips without having to travel very far. Furthermore, not every one is convenient to do so, especially the lay disciples who have to work and raise their families. I, myself is one of the fortunate students.
Thanks to IBC for their kind and compassionate efforts.

May you all be well and happy.

With Metta,
Student Hiew Boon Thong