A Buddhist Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus is a powerful teacher about life, death , change . compassion and resilience. It calls for the Buddhists to recognise the present times to strengthen our spiritual practice and deepen our refuge in Buddha and his teachings. The pandemic vividly illustrates a core Buddhist principle : That beings are equally subject to birth, aging, sickness and death. That all beings - physical and mental - are in continuous change, not remaining the same from one moment to the next. Consequently, although we crave stability and pleasant experiences, there is no real security and happiness is fleeting. We are not in control. Buddhists should be meditating and praying to calm our own minds and hearts, and to cultivate qualities like love, compassion, wisdom and skill so that we are balanced and prepared to bring benefits. With faith and the aspiration to care for every being, we can bring joy into the actions we take to benefit others.