Esoteric Elements in Chinese Mahayana Tradition

In many of the Chinese Mahayana tradition, one can find the Esoteric elements that are part of the practices. These Esoteric elements are the invocations of mantras, dharanis and certain passage of the Sutras. The famous Esoteric practices are Great Compassion Mantra (Da Bei Zhou), Amitabha Pure Land recitation, Cundi dharani and some passage of the Lotus Sutra. Others that are lesser known are King Avalokitesvara sutra, Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara dharani, Cintamani Cakravartin Avalokistesvara mantra. Some of these transmission through Mandala initiation were already lost, however the Mantra and some Mudra practices are still being transmitted and incorporated into other Mahayana traditions. Chinese Esoteric practices were inherited from the lineage of Subhakarasimha, Vajrabodhi, Bodhirucci and Amoghavajra in the 7th century and was at its zenith during the Tang dynasty era.