Study group (via email) for 1st year students?

Hello fellow students:

I'm Vincent Le, a first year student currently taking Mahayana Buddhism and Buddhism and Society.

I wonder if others in the same classes are interested in forming a study group via email. We can discuss and share information together. We can also try to answer a review question and others can give us comments and feedbacks. We can also invite our teacher to our group so they can help us with some difficult questions as well.

I understand this online study is self-pacing--each studies at his/her own speed, but if at least 3 persons want to study in a group and interact via email, please reply here and share how you think we can do as a group.

With best wishes,


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Count me in!

Hi Vincent,

I think this is a great idea for the elearning students who miss out on classroom discussion. I would like to participate. We should try to find a universal discussion tool (Google Groups?) that everyone can use and interact with.

I'm standing by for more info when we get enough students.



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Study group

My name is Roy and I am also a first year student in the same classes as you. I do not know if I have time to be a fully committed member of your study group, but would love to have access to discussions generated in the group. Also if you would like to correspond with me through forum, email,, or phone, that would be good because I feel somewhat isolated. The forum would be a good place so that others will benefit from our correspondence. The forum contains very few new posts and the contact person I was given has not responded to emails. A real person to discuss things with would be good, though it seems the instructors are very good at responding to emails. Thanks and good luck in your studies!

Study Group


I am Diana from Hawaii, also a first year student. I would be interested in the study group.

I would think that we could focus on the readings and the study questions, maybe taking
turns outlining key study areas.

I look forward to hearing from others. my email is

Best wishes to everyone in their studies

Thanks Roy and Diana. I've

Thanks Roy and Diana.

I've just sent an email to both of you and hope to hear from you soon.

Happy new year,


Thank you for the invitation

Sister Maria Alejandra and me have a working gruop but we are taking different subjects: history of Indian Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism if any one would like to share studying experiences regarding this subjects he/she is wellcome.