Article on Karma and Free Will

I found this interesting article on Karma and Free Will:,10442,0,0,1,0

I particularly liked the analogy of space and past time. Enjoy!


I find Kamma as a liberating

I find Kamma as a liberating concept.
Once you acknowledge you are the holder of the keys of your prison it is up to you to liberate yourself.
At the beginning is daunting but once personal responsability is acknowledged it is liberating. Kind regards to you all


Thanks for sharing on Karma. Karma is natural law no matter that person likes it or not. I personally experience the impact of karma in my daily life.

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Karma and free will

Dear Phil,
Thank you for the interesting articles on karma. Karma as it says is psychological, not metaphysical. Karmic actions determine our character formation which is formed from repeated past actions as a consequence. When our mind produces a thought, a certain pattern of neuron starts firing in the mind and various physiological changes start taking place including changes in hormonal levels, breathing, heart-rate and etc.

The neurological patterns start adapting to this thought so if we think of same thing again and again, the neurons create a pattern so that next time it is easier to take that thought process ahead. That is why we see people getting into good or bad habits. These thoughts define one’s thinking patterns, and became his or her personality, and the actions which influences who we are. And by changing this thought, we can decide who and how we want to be. As the saying goes, "If you want to know your past, look at what you are now. If you want to know your future, look at what you are doing now."

Karma and Free will

Wonderful explanation by Sis Suan Bee connecting the ancient concept of karma to the modern neurophysiology. Now a day, people tend to blame things by karma if they can't explain the situation. Everything is your past life had done something wrong and causing this life suffering. They have forgotten during the early days of their present life, thought has been seeded and action has been started. Now, fruit is ripen and time to harvest.I myself gone through the process explained by sis Suan Bee all along my early days. I personally impress with Buddha's explanation of karma and i benefited from the learning of this concept.

Karma and Free Will

karma is "you get what you give" whether in the past or in this present life. So there is nothing or no one to blame but yourself. Acceptance is the keyword here. Whatever sufferings or hurt being experienced is lessened when the sufferer accepts his or her karma or past actions and adopts a more positive action to respond to it.