Rebirth - Interview with Dalai Lama


While reading Lecture #9 for BT6101 Theravada Buddhism, this quote:
"Knowledge of one’s past is possible for consciousness depends upon memory (sati).
Consciousness is conditioned by dispositions. Consciousness is a stream or a flux
(sota). Knowledge of one’s past (retro-cognition) follows in the wake of memory (D
II, 134)"

Reminded me of an interview with the Dalia Lama and Barbara Walters I had seen on YouTube where he mentions this idea of retro-cognition. Here is the link to the video: (his comment is at about 6:35 mins)

I really enjoyed the whole, but brief, interview clip and am reminded at how wonderful a man, monk, leader, and teacher HH The Dalai Lama is for the world.