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I read one of the article mentioned about Arahantship as below:-

"It is important to note that once a person becomes an arahant, he will not become a Buddha in that life; and since there is no more rebirth for him, he will not become a Buddha in the future either".

I thoughts everybody is having opportunity to become a Buddha? It is a surprise to hear that Arahant is not able to become a Buddha.

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Gaik Yen

Arahat vs Buddha in Theravada Buddhism

I found Prof G.A Somaratena notes explained (in Theravada Buddhism view) about Buddha, Buddhas & Arahat (Rreading 2: Buddha and Bodhisatta of Unit 2 The Buddha) has gave us a well understanding of it.

Buddha as decriptive title meaning "Awakened One" or " Enlightened One" in specific enough and known to history, Gautama Buddha,

In the past or future, it may have others BuddhaS who live(d)on the earth. All such Buddhas, known as samma-sambuddhas or "perfect fully Awakened one".

The key role of a perfect Buddha ( such as Gotama Buddha)is, by HIS OWN efforts, to rediscover the timeless truths and practices of Dhamma at a time when they have been lost to society (AN I, 286-7). Having discovered it for himself, he skillfully makes it known to others so that they can fully practise it for themselves and so become ARAHATS.

Arahats - a diciple of Buddha, who attained perfect enlightenment or awakened to the truth by practising in accordance with the guidance/Buddha's teaching.

In Theravadins, three Kinds of Buddhas as what have been shared by Bro Kok Kiong.

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Arahant means the worthy one who deserve :
worthy of adoration (ahuneyyo)
worthy of hospitality (pahuneyyo)
worthy of an offering (dakkineyyo)
Worthy of being honoured (anjalikaraniyo)
Soon after the Buddha's enlightenment, when the group of five monks became the Arahants after hearing the teaching of the Buddha it is stated that there were six 'Arahants' including the Buddha in the world at that time.

Arahanthood in Theravada Buddhism is considered as the highest achievement in the religious life. One who attained the Arahantship is the one who experiences the freedom from suffering (nibbana) which is the goal of Buddhism.

When time past, the Buddha much refer to only Siddhartha Gautama Buddha so there will be no more "Buddha" in this world even if you attained arahantship. Theravadins aspire to become
1. a disciple buddha or arahant
2. an individual buddha,or
3. a perfect Buddha who rediscover the Dhamma and teaches it to others. This type of buddha was refered to Siddhatha Gautama Buddha in this world.So,everybody can become buddha if you refer to disciple buddha or individual buddha.On the other hand, nobody can become buddha if you refer to the Buddha-Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.


Dear All,
Arahanthood is the ultimate goal in Theravada Buddhism.
Does anyone know any venerable/ bhikku/ bhikkuni has reach arahantship? I refer to the venerables in this modern world, not refer to arahant during Buddha's day.
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Thanks KK for sharing.

Dear Sis Fong Seong,
Normally for those people achieved Arahant, they keep in "low profile" as a Buddhist and hardly declare themself as Arahant. So is hard for us to know who had attain it. In actual, i guess there is a lot......

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Gaik yen


I agree with Gaik Yen. After parinirvana of Buddha,there is nobody like Buddha to confirm who attain arahantship. So to address this problem, concept of bodhisatta become very important.We use the term Bohhisatta for anybody who aim to become buddha in the future. So ,we avoid the dilemma wondering who attain arahantship or not.