Buddhist Concept of Mind

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Regarding the Buddhist mental functions, does the term MANAS same as or equal to MANO?

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Citta,Manas & Vinnana are the terms referring to mind.
There are 89 or 121 kinds of mind.They are not Mano.
There are 52 mental factors.
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Mano & Manas

found the definition MANO from web as below:-

mano: 'mind', is the Abhidhamma used as synonym of vinnana (consciousness) and citta (state of consciousness, mind). According to the Comm. to Vis. M., it sometimes means sub-consciousness

source : page 183 of Pali Buddhist Disctionary by Ven Nyanatiloka,at www.buddhanet.net)

p/s : comm. = commentary
Vis.M = Visuddhi Magga (figues numbers of chapter & the paragraphing in the Path of Purification, tr. by Nanamoli Thera, 3rd ed., BPS)

Does it mean, Mano is refer to sub-consciousness part of mind and not a term used in 52 Mental Factor which is mental state arise along with the consciousness?

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In Pali, manas and mano are

In Pali, manas and mano are the same word. Manas is the original format. Please check any Pali grammar book.