Kathavatthuppakarna & Kathavatthu

Dear all,
I would like to get your advice on the different between Kathavatthuppakarna and Kathavatthu.

As per my understanding Kathavatthu is one of the Theravada Abhidhamma-pitaka compiled by Ven. Moggaliputta Tissa.

I read the note prepared by Prof. Dr. Kapila for Unit 3 related to 3rd Buddhist Council. He wrote "The Presentation of Kathavatthuppakarna by Ven. Moggaliputta Tissa in the presence of the large amount of the members of the Sangha can also be considered as a very important event especially in the history of Theravada Buddhist tradition".

May I know the meaning of "Kathavatthuppakarna" after added "ppakarna" to the "Kathavatthu"?

With metta,
gaik yen


There is only one Kathavatthu (Points of Controversies) compiled at the Third Buddhist Council. It belongs to one of the seven books of the Abhidharma.

Pakarana is the Pali word for literay work or exposition.