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Here is an interesting tidbit from the US:,10725,0,0,1,0

Now that I know who Shinran is, I can appreciate how important these scrolls are to the temple. Neat stuff!

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Japanese Buddhism

Shinran is the founder of the Jodo shin school. He was the disciple of Honen who is the founder of Jodo or Pure Land School. He split with his master to form a new school called the Jodo Shin School because of the difference in the 18th vow in the Sukavathivyuha Sutra that states that those 5 categories of people who have done the five great offences like killing our parents, shedding or wounding a Buddha or an Arahant, and lastly creating schism in the Sangha will not be eligible to be born in his pure Land. But Shinran feels that these are the people who truly needed help. So he formed his own school and his was the only school where his followers monk are allowed to get married. No other school monks are allowed to get married. These married monks are also not eligible to take high positions in the Sanganaya ( position offered by Government or states)