Science And Technology

Thank to Dr Ng for the tutorial today. Today's topic is so interest for all of us.

Dear all,

Is so important for the young children to have curiosity in observation by asking How, Why and What to learn more. For sure ECE educator, professional and parents need to know more than the young children.

What is the proper or best way for them to settle the young children curiousity???


Yeap Lay Har

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CSCL-by cheow lin

technology gt its benefit,but also gt bad influences to may help a lot on learning,but also can cause our children use to face computer and make them lack of communication in person.
this will lead our new generation lack of social diversity. - by cheow lin

Science And Technology

Dear Sis Lay Har,

Good day.

One of my suggestion is to let the student hand on, let them see the experiment personally. Bring them to visit the manufacturing process/factory/lab/places/science museum which able to enhance their knowlege by looking at the real event personally.

National Geography, Science and Explorer channel in the Astro/TV is another good way to enhance their knowledge in science and technology. Their is a lot of information inside the channel in additional to reading Science and Technology books.

With metta,
gaik yen

Science & Technology

Dear all,

Mention about Maths, Science and Technology, these will sparks the interest of parents. I think most of the parents must have the mindset that to excel in academic, their children must be good at these fields.

I do agree with Dr Ng and sis Gaik Yen to let Kindy students hands-on simple experiment at school to boost their interest as well as to sharpen their observation and improve in the analytical thinking. Should the Kindy environment has limited facilities, try exposing the children to science related magazine such as 小天才 and 小伙伴. Such magazine can enhance their analytical mind. My experience is: I brought these magazine to the Kindy last holiday and I noticed one thing in common on boys is they will start asking a lot of questions on the pages that they read. They even keep on asking me if I will bring more of these magazines for them.

Besides that, parents do play a very important role to further nurture their children interest in this field.

A real life example is my nephew. His father is an Engineer who is very powerful in Physics and Mathematics. This year he is in Form 2 but already able to solve A-level Maths. He can even give Maths tuition to a form Six student with minimal help from his father. Besides Maths, since last year he has been reading Form 4 and 5 Physics reference book and able to understand the notes. All this effort comes from his father.

As a conclusion, parents and teachers should work hand-in-hand to nurture the children in these field.



Personally I think, science is everything that around us! It's something from our environment. It can be something from the nature, and something through our 5 senses. What we can see? What we can feel?
Science starts with observation. When the kids start to observe, then he'll start to ask questions. Then the explanation can be made through experiment! The results from experiment help to build concept in their mind. Then it comes out with conclusion and theory. So, it's good to have questions at the young age. Constructive questions are encouraged.
Books and magazines is good tools, it can be more exciting through real hands-on experiment.


Dear all,

Thanks for the sharing, parents need to spend more time for their kids so they can learn more what they want to know. Parents can bring them for sight-seeing in the factory,garden, farm, zoo...etc for their kids to explore themselve and try their best to answer what the kids asked. This also great for the parents and children can spend more times together. Parents can let the kids attend the science camp, fun activities which organise by other association.

Lay Har


That is good input, Sis Lay Har.
I agreed with your feedback.

With regards,
gaik yen


DeDear All,

Agree with you that the exposure is an important factor to trigger children’s observation as a starting point to understand the word they stays in the scientific way. Through the discovery, asking, data collection, etc, children slowly develop the skills, interest and confidence. Hence, science education is an significant teaching strategies to improve the quality of ECE.
with metta,